Small Projects are small utility-like programs/scripts/macros created in the course of daily work or college practice.

Python XMLdict parser Extremely small and "sane" standalone XML parser library written in Python. It probably has tons of unknown border-cases and will choke on invalid data but it's perfect for parsing simple XML documents.
Visual 'Turing Machine' Emulator A simple Turing Machine emulator written in Python. The main feature is the simple formatting of input files.
Buffering TCP proxy A simple TCP proxy used to accelerate web servers (and others with similar usage patterns) in high-load environments
HTTP proxy filter A simple HTTP proxy filter, made to allow only access from specific unix users (checked via identd) to specific web pages (via regexps). Fast & free.
FreeBSD package discoverer Python program for discovering and copying FreeBSD packages and their dependancies. Use this to generate specific package lists out of general FreeBSD package mirrors.
Java MIDlet fractal generator A simple Midlet/MIDP1.0 application that displays the Mandelbrot fractal and allows you to examine it with zoom & pan options. You can also alter colors on the generated image for that extra "wow!" effect :) screenshot
TeXthin OpenType or TeXthin TrueType European Computer Modern font, converted to TTF/OTF for use on Windows and Unix machines. This is based on TeX fonts ecm2488 and similar, found long ago somewhere on the 'net. There are still some issues with them (e.g. hinting in the TTF versions), but they are usable in the current state.