This is a small utility I wrote to share virtual disks between QEmu and VMWare. It creates a VMWare-compatible .raw files for specified raw disk image files or devices.

You can use it to directly boot raw disk images created with dd or a similar device imager in VMWare. It's been tested in VMWare Server 1.0 but should work in VMWare Workstation 4, or possibly earlier version.

An example scenario is:

  1. Create a disk image with dd or similar utility (hint: try truncate).
  2. You can use/boot the raw disk image in qemu as usual (-hda image_file) ...or...
  3. Use to create .raw file for use with VMWare. Thus you can use the same image in qemu and VMWare (not at the same time, of course)

To use it, create a disk file and run on it. This will create a .raw file for the disk image which you can specify while adding a disk to a virtual machine in VMWare (select "use an existing disk" option, then search for .raw files).

You can download it here.