This section of the site is about various not-so-small projects I'm making from time to time. Mostly, they are tech demos or learning projects, but have a broader scope than the "Small Projects" page in the main section.

Some of my larger projects are hosted on

  • SQLCached In-memory SQL database for use as a flexible memory cache (C)
  • PanDAV Python WebDAV server & server library (Python)
  • TDFS Trivially distributed file system (C)
  • Velvet System monitor and logger daemon (Python)
  • TempusWiki A simple Wiki engine (PHP)
  • Isaac3 Extremely easy to set up image gallery (PHP, Java)
  • MDCacheD Cache daemon similar to memcached, but supporting SMP and multiple data domains (C)
  • GGtrace Graphical (X11) I/O request tracer for FreeBSD (C, C++)

See my FreeBSD page for more projects.