I doubt I'm the first one to notice it, but (re)watching the old "Road runner" cartoons it struck me just how unfairly the life treats Coyote (as well as how brutal and cheerfully violent the cartoons are - no way something like that would be made nowadays). Like all kids, I enjoyed watching Wile E. Coyote fail in comical ways, getting kicked, squashed, burned and blown up, laughing all the way.

The whole cartoon is the embodiment of the "Life isn't fair" line. It just isn't fair (to coyote)! Starting from the cartoons' name: everyone knows them as the "Road runner cartoons" despite that 90% of the time we look at the Coyote character, starving and trying to survive by catching the scrawny (and stupid) bird. And it's not like the Coyote is being melodramatic or depressed - life actually isn't fair to him, and everything has turned against him. The laws of physics have been rigged so he will suffer: he's attracting heavy, sharp, hot and explosive objects like a multi-purpose magnet (or a temporary black hole) , the Roadrunner can walk on thin air but that same air will drop him to his doom, explosives will not explode except when he's near them, slings and giant springs have Newton's second and third laws suspended until he's on the path of maximum damage (to himself), and energy sources (batteries and fuel tanks) will only (but always) fail when his vehicle is upside down. The Roadrunner apparently has telekinetic and ESP abilities allowing it to sense his weapons and redirect their fire to the Coyote, and they will hit him no matter where he hides.

The Coyote is like some modern Tantalus, tortured forever by the near presence of his food but never allowed to eat it. Alternatively, maybe he was Hitler in his former life and his karma is just catching up with him. There's never any blood on him or around him - the worst that happens is that his body gets mangled and his fur burned, so he continues to live forever (probably in pain).

On the other hand he sometimes really is stupid, making his experiments under unstable boulders, trusting his life with untested contraptions and, at last, failing to find something else to eat. He can also be considered the embodiment of stupid optimism.