It's been a very interesting and useful conference, I've learned much from it and met many interesting people. It's no use just listing the talks given on the conference (you can look that up here), but, together with DevSummit, this was one of the best events I've ever been to.

I'll try and think of something more to say...

DevSummit - Day 2

This is the "official" day of DevSummit talks, and has so far proven to be very interesting and instructive. Reports on ZFS and SMP scalability were also uplifting: it's really great to see so much good work being done recently. An interesting piece of information was the result of recent scalability measurements: FreeBSD 4.x run excellent on 1 CPU machines, 5.x scaled to 2 CPUs, 6.x to 4 CPUs, and 7.x will run great on 8 CPU machines (see here).

Another very interesting talk was a self-referential, meta-presentation on giving presentations about FreeBSD by Robert Watson, which also addressed the problem of having too much to say and ttoo little time in a... unique... way :) During the talk he brought up a very interesting point about the way FreeBSD is organized: it's one of the very rare open-source projects that have institutionalized "transition of power" - leadership is reelected every few years and is in no way fixed or messianic.

This was also the day I gave two of my talks, about gvirstor and finstall!

DevSummit - Day 1

Informal sessions were spread across the day, and have proven to be very interesting. I was mostly on the "alternative" track, participating in discussions about the ports tree and storage systems. Judging from the reaction a brief mention of it provoked, it looks like finstall is going to be very popular!

DevSummit - Day 0

The flight was long and the customs check barbaric, but finally I've arrived at University of Ottawa campus to attend the DevSummit and BSDCan events held there. The campus is really nice and big, I really like the architecture.

Since it was late afternoon, the only thing I could do was join the others at the highly regarded introductory beer consuming at local Royal Oak pub.