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Dear Google, make me a Phone

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Dear Google, please make me a Phone which lasts 24h. Heck, even 18h would be a marked improvement since no …

Dear Google, please make me a Phone which lasts 24h. Heck, even 18h would be a marked improvement since no phone that I've used lasts me even 12h. You see, I actually use my devices, they are not sitting in my pocket among the lint. Also, I don't use them for playing games or mining Bitcoin, but for reading and communicating.

Please, dear phone industry, get your collective heads out of your asses and make a phone which:

  • Has a CPU which is modern in terms of power saving but whose performance does not have to be much faster than the original Nexus One. Really. Just take the least power hungry dual-core ARM, cap it at 1 GHz, remove any extraneous GPU features which are not absolutely essential for working with a web browser and call it perfect.
  • Has a display which is easy to read but has no business being color-perfect, having gazillions of dots or any other gadgetry. I am not a graphic designer nor an artist. Just take absolutely the least electricity guzzling screen with somewhere between 200 ppi and 300 ppi, don't ever make the device larger than 4.3 inches because I, and the vast majority of the world's population are not Michael Jordan and have reasonably sized palms. Also, I would honestly rather endure the tedium of having a resistive touchscreen again if it would mean having the device last 3-4 hours longer (but I doubt that's a significant factor).
  • Has a battery from Nokia Lumia 1520 or actually whatever long lasting battery money can buy. If you didn't catch my theme already, it's all about endurance. Please remove any excess electronics or whatever takes so much space in the phones and shove a giant freaking battery in there. Moto G's battery is barely 2000 mAh! Lumia's is 3400 mAh! Use all the money you've spared from all the other components and invest it all into the battery. Pretty please with sugar on top. Do us a favour and take the battery from this phone.

I really mean it - make a phone for users which don't care about 3D performance, CPU benchmarks and camera, but want their phone to be operational, on Wi-Fi, used often, for the majority of a busy day and you'd be golden. Or take a normal phone, add a "profile" / "preset" configuration toggle which will immediately cap CPU, 3G, and WiFi wattage to 33%, that could maybe also work.

Update: I've just found the "long" battery test for Lumia 1520 and I'm disappointed with the conclusion:

"What this number means is that the Lumia 1520 should manage four and a half days on a single charge if used for one hour each of calls, web browsing and video playback daily."

This is :(( - so if I use this phone for 3 hours daily, I could get 4 days of charge from it? Yes, alternatively this means I could use it for 12 hours in a single day, and anyway noone actually uses a phone constantly for 3 hours, but overall - I hoped it would do better.

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