Viber voip+messaging app working on FreeBSD under Wine

A friend told me that Viber (a free VoIP + messaging application for smartphones, similar to Skype) now has a Windows application and it works for him on Wine on Linux, so I just had to try it out on FreeBSD - and it works. Surprisingly easy.

I guess even Wine is mature enough on Windows :) Viber has been a bit of a troublesome app for me on Android, with frequent lockups and crashes, and I expected it to continue being so on Windows, but apparently the Windows app is more stable.

The steps to run it on Wine on FreeBSD are trivial. I'm starting from a 64-bit 9.1-RELEASE desktop and here's what I did:

  1. Install Wine from a pkgng repo. Note that you will need the i386 build of Wine (since only i386 version of Wine is supported on FreeBSD), and that you need to convert your system to pkgng if you haven't already. If you didn't do it already, you're missing out on some great stuff! I downloaded the package file named i386-wine-1.7.0,1.txz. and installed it with "pkg add ./i386-wine-1.7.0,1.txz".
  2. Download the ViberSetup.exe from the Viber for Windows download page.
  3. run "wine ViberSetup.exe"

No hassle, no problems, at least for me.

Happy Wine-ing!

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