BSDCan and FreeBSD DevSummit 2013

It's that time of the year again - time for the biggest, bestest gathering of BSD geeks from around the world - BSDCan 2013. It was great to see old friends and new faces, exchange ideas and talk about the bright future.

The main event was traditionally precceded by two days of tutorial and the "Developers' summit", a sort of a general assembly of FreeBSD developers, used to exchange ideas and often also directly work on solving problems. This past year I was less active in FreeBSD than in previous ones, so I gave a more-or-less theoretical talk on performance benchmarking. Some interesting things have developed from it, though - it looks like a fair number of developers are interested in having a continuous benchmark setup which could be used to analyse FreeBSD performance trends over time, especially looking with how performance changes with new developments. It's hard to set up something which could realistically measure such trends, especially since the development focus right now is to increase scalability on high-end multi-core machines and SSDs (I believe the project lacks spare machines of such characteristics), but we'll at least set up something with what we have. Until the hardware is found, I'll start scribbling a measurement framework here.

The BSDCan has been filmed and recorded, and the videos should eventually become available for everyone to see them. I'm not sure how and when will video be available, so maybe you should watch this space.

There are photo galeries here, here, and here.


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