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Neil Armstrong was on the Moon!

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Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon (and that's Moon with the capital M, it's its name) on July 21st 1969 …

Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon (and that's Moon with the capital M, it's its name) on July 21st 1969. He was 38 years old.

That is way before my time. I'm 30 now and I didn't, couldn't witness it myself. My father, though, is of the generation which did witness it, in a live stream - what they used to call "world-wide broadcasts" before Internet made it obsolete - and he told me about it.

Nobody came to work that day on time. Not many people had a TV in this part of the world, so with a few frends he watched it at another friend's house. It was the first "live" worldwide transmission he and his friends ever watched. Since it was a communist country, a question on all of their minds was - was it real? Did the Americans really landed there - on the Moon above them - or it was just a show in a pissing match between them and Russia? He thought it was real, and that it was colossal. People - us, we - have walked - on the Moon, and it is mind blowing.

Later I bought a small telescope and we watched the Mare Tranquillitatis go by, trying to see the Tranquility Base, but of course, it's too small to be seen like that. Even though we walked on the Moon, what we did is extremely, humblingly small on the cosmic scale of things.

I know Neil Armstrong as a symbol. I haven't payed much attention to him as a person and I probably couldn't recognize his face in a crowd, but this symbol I'd recognize everywhere:

It doesn't matter that the flag was American, they could have done it without any flag and it would have been just as awesome: humans have walked on another celestial body.

Along with the image, his voice is also an indelible symbol of that achievement - not only the "One small step" line, but all the rest he did, precisely so it can be such a symbol. That distorted, clipped and noisy voice is something which humanity will carry on wherever it goes.

But all of this is for nothing unless we go to the stars.

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Added on 2012-08-28T10:32 by terminus

Sorry Ivan, but I don't belive that Armstrong (and other US astronauts) was on the moon. If you can read in Russian take a look at this article ( ) it is a compilation of facts and comparisons about US and Soviet moon programs.

There is a version that Soviet Union government just "sold" moon to US.

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