FreeBSD 10 news

There's been a lot of maturing of technology for FreeBSD 10 - lots of new features which make this release the most exciting one in years. Here are some of my personal highlights.

There's been a lot of development in the field of virtualization. FreeBSD has almost neglected "full" virtualization technology (relying on home-brewed jails/vnet), which made it a poor choice for modern deployments, but that is about to change. New stuff which will (probably, but nothing's certain) see the light of day in FreeBSD 10 is:

  • bhyve - the native BSD hypervisor; it will be able to run at least the FreeBSD kernel fully virtualized, and possibly (please donate, or help to make this happen) also other generic operating systems;
  • virtio drivers - developed alongside byhve; the drivers will be in the GENERIC kernel which will make it usable out of the box with any hypervisor supporting this interface - including, but not limited to, byhve, KVM and VirtualBox; the virtio drivers support PCI, memory balloon, network, block and (probably) SCSI interfaces;
  • vmware vmxnet driver - will probably find its way into GENERIC, similarly enabling FreeBSD for better performance under VMWare;
  • lots of enhancements and fixes to Xen and VNET systems (sorry, still no Xen Dom0)

In addition to these, I'd like to also mention:

  • ZFS TRIM support;
  • A truly tickless kernel, enhancing battery performance on laptops and general resource effectiveness in virtual machines;
  • The NetMap framework for high-performance raw Ethernet packet access;
  • Finally, an on-line growfs for UFS;
  • FUSE driver in GENERIC, enabling the use of a large collection of user-space file systems developed for Linux;
  • LLVM/Clang becomes the default compiler;
  • Support for robust, remote/distributed security auditing;
  • pkgng - the new package manager;

Stay tuned and watch the What's new wiki page for other updates!

#1 Re: FreeBSD 10 news

Added on 2012-12-18T01:13 by Joseph A Nagy Jr

"For 10-CURRENT after OSVERSION 1000024 (svnref 242624) Clang is the default compiler on i386 and amd64. And is installed as cc, c++ and cpp."

#2 Re: FreeBSD 10 news

Added on 2012-12-18T07:43 by Timp

> sorry, still no Xen Dom0

It's not the biggest problem. The biggest problem here that there is still no domU for amd64!

#3 Re: FreeBSD 10 news

Added on 2012-12-18T11:51 by Mums
Hopefully new version of growfs will fix one nasty bug. When it asks a question if I did backup of my data, anything other than "Yes" is considered as "No" even "yes". 4 days I had been searching for what I've been doing wrong.

#4 Re: FreeBSD 10 news

Added on 2012-12-18T12:13 by Ivan Voras

Re: "Yes" - this is a standard feature, found not only in FreeBSD - for really important questions the answer is forced to be case-sensitive, to make you think about what you're typing.

#5 Re: FreeBSD 10 news

Added on 2012-12-18T17:06 by LIA Eric De La Cruz Lugo

Hi Ivan, do you have any info or update about openstack port on FreeBSD 10? I believe some one on iXsystems is working on it do you know some thing about it?, greetings from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico (21/12/2012) The Mayaland!

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Added on 2012-12-25T02:16 by Xrazik
Wow this post is a nice early Yule gift! Love getting exciting news, kudos to everyone involved with the FreeBSD project!!

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Added on 2012-12-27T18:07 by Nik

Hey, if you want people to donate, put a link to where ;-).

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Added on 2013-01-10T03:06 by

freebsd forever!!

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