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Bad experience with DealExtreme

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Like probably everyone who is reading this, I occasionally buy gadgets online, usually via eBay. I've heard of DealExtreme before …

Like probably everyone who is reading this, I occasionally buy gadgets online, usually via eBay. I've heard of DealExtreme before and some people I know had ok experiences with it so I decided to try it - that was last year in December. Due to some bad luck and apparently horrible organization of DX, I still haven't received the things I bought. At this time, effectively I've been cheated for around $400 by DealExtreme.

At least among the people I know, this is a rare experience, so it may not be the rule, but it's left me with a very bad opinion with DealExtreme.

In mid December 2010 I have ordered two gatgeds, one for my self, one as a present. I knew it's a bit late for such orders but I've realistically hoped for an early January delivery so it wouldn't be that late. As I'm writing this, there is no indication I'll be getting them this March.

Here is what happened:

  1. I've ordered in the middle of Christmas shopping season, mid December; This is my own mistake and I don't think I'll repeat it mistake again.
  2. I've ordered the "EMS" express shipping - it was clearly labeled as available for my country. Around five days later I have received a notification from DX saying that it actually isn't available as stated but for additional $20 they would ship me (and apparently a pretty long list of CC-ed buyers so I'm not the only one) the items via EMS. I payed because without it, the original EMS fee for the order would not mean anything. Second mistake.
  3. In the second half of January, a package was delivered from DX. It contained an item (only one) I have not ordered. In fact, the item was completely unrelated and around 3x cheaper. I've contacted DX and they requested the item back for exchange. I did return it but didn't use any kind of expedited or tracked shipment method so I didn't have any kind of order tracking number to give to DX. They reported they don't trust me about sending back the item without a tracking number or a certificate, so they will apparently have to wait until they receive the item. I could complain that they didn't specify they need to track the shipment in advance but then I could have assumed they would be, so I'll just accept the added wait.
  4. That shipment contained only one item. When I looked at the order status at DX, apparently the other item was out of stock, despite still being listed in their web shop as available (and of this writing, still is). Their support eventually agreed that they could replace that item with another one, but even though I didn't receive any of the items, and stated that I would certainly give up on EMS by now, they will only accept a replacement that costs <= than the original ordered item, no matter the reduced shipment costs.
  5. By then, I've threatened with a PayPal dispute and the DX support simply stopped responding. took longer than expected to respond but I still have to see what will be resolved. Unfortunately, PayPal responded that they will not investigate any disputes about transactions older than 45 days and the dispute will probably just be recorded without resolution.

All that stinks of really bad business practice and horrible attitude toward customers. I have effectively been cheated for the original cost of the items, around $350, + the "special EMS fee" of $20 + the return item postal fee of $20, without any items received or any promises that it will be resolved.

I guess that when everything goes right - which is probably for most people - there is no need for such interaction, but when there is, DX falls apart. Buyer beware. And if dealing with PayPal *especially* be on the lookout for unshipped orders lasting more than 30 *regular* days (not business days) so you can complain in time.

#1 Re: Bad experience with DealExtreme

Added on 2011-03-05T17:17 by ana


#2 Re: Bad experience with DealExtreme

Added on 2011-03-05T18:06 by mph

I've had decent experiences with DealExtreme, but sometimes the shipping/backorder time is very long (a month or two to USA). I just use them for cheap stuff that I don't need quickly. Spare $2 iPhone dock cables for every room in the house, and stuff like that. It always seemed a little dodgy, and I'll continue to avoid ordering anything expensive from them.

#3 Re: Bad experience with DealExtreme

Added on 2011-03-07T08:44 by jay

Last year I ordered stuff from DealExtreme, and when they shipped it - after quite a while - they shipped it to a wrong address. It was returned back by customs because they couldn't contact me. DX wasn't willing to discuss until the package arrived back at them, and when it finally did, I wanted to cancel the whole order. They tried to decline with various reasons, but finally after many discussions they gave up and returned the money. The customer service attitude was childish from start to finish, but at least they finally did the right thing; props for that.

Their deals really are extreme when things go south.

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Added on 2011-03-08T19:07 by panagiotis

Cheap chinese products/replicas shipped from Hong Kong marked as gift/sample on the package to avoid custom tax. Good for a couple tens of $/€ - care not to lose - orders. Would not trust them for more.

#5 Re: Bad experience with DealExtreme

Added on 2011-11-25T23:18 by Denis

Wow, this pretty much mirrors the experience I have with DealExtreme. They are usually ok to deal with in the past but they really screw up my last order. Money was taken out of my paypal account but customer service keep on saying my order was not shipped becuase I don't have a valid account. They want me to create a new account and put in another order. (how they are able to get an order and process payment in the first place escapes me...)

I think they are focusing too much on marketing and forgotten about customer service and fullfillment ;-(

#6 Re: Bad experience with DealExtreme

Added on 2011-12-23T15:29 by Martin

On 4/23/2011, I bought the “Designer's 2.5" USB Mobile External Hard Drive Storage Device with Carrying Pouch - White (500GB)” for USD 67.10 (order # 04231U38).

The disk died after 8 months of usage. Also it was not Samsung as advertised, but a second-hand ("Certified Repaired HDD" sticker) Seagate. I found that out after I removed the "SAMSUNG" cover.)

When I checked the drive by Serial (5VJ45YQ2) and Part (9HV144-300) number at, it said the product is "Out of Warranty".

I think this is not a sign of a solid marketing practice.

I won't deal with that issue just to lose my time and money - I'd have to pay the shipping back to dealextreme / manufacturer and back, which would be more expensive than to buy a new drive.

I just write to warn everybody and pass on my experience with this eshop.

#7 Re: Bad experience with DealExtreme

Added on 2012-02-14T17:14 by Midas

30 days in backorder and dont change

#8 Re: Bad experience with DealExtreme

Added on 2012-03-06T15:27 by Dx scammers
I placed 3 small orders adding up to a total of $50 usd on 22/3/12, It is now 6/3/12 and my orders are still not shipped but all items said in stock when I placed the orders. First time buyer from dx and it was my mistack not to read all the ppl complaining on there forum and all over the web. I have tried to cancel the orders and contact the customer support about it but no reply in 2 days so I have started a pp dispute, No reply so far, il leave it for another couple of days and esc it to a claim. Since I have canceled all the orders and none have been shipped I'm hoping to get a full refund. The mods on there forum are just as crooked as dx themselves, Always defending the very long shipping times (telling ppl just wait and wait) lol Even going to the extent of convincing ppl not to start a dispute with pp, saying it will only take longer to get a refund. Well pp is the last protection for a buyer and there's no way I will withdrawal the pp dispute. Dx should are certainly a scam site All the research I have done, the most common prob is they only send part orders and don't send the rest.

#9 Re: Bad experience with DealExtreme

Added on 2012-06-20T06:30 by Beaver

this site is a carbon copy of DH Gate,infact it is probo DH Gate when you trade with china you have no trading law to back you up,non of your local advice centre or lawyer will be able to help you simple fact china has it own law as long it has been copied or it is fake or probo faulty you can sell it out side of the great wall as no other country law can stop them breaking there sells pitch,promise,guarantee, remember peeps if you sell to others you know in a business you have to either dedclare manufactuors guarantee ie they return to base as in china or you except the claim & spends loads on the return cost & to recieve back.

Evey year in the uk we get tv warning about china cheap electrical good that get past customs,the electrical itmes fail safety checks & catch fire,so just remember you could be liable in killing a family or your self weigh the saving against what you have already had delivered or not delivered & try to buy local or as in my case with over $1000 lost in the last 4 weeks on poor quality goods from dh gate.never again will i trust china sellers be it on ebay dh gate dx deals etc ect - if it is made in china expect it to detonate or fail

#10 Re: Bad experience with DealExtreme

Added on 2013-12-19T06:11 by Cindy

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