ZFS v28 in FreeBSD 9-CURRENT!

As has been expected, previously announced and tested, ZFS v28 has been committed to FreeBSD HEAD!

New features include:

  • RAID-Z3 (triple parity - one more parity drive than RAID-6)
  • Deduplication
  • Better recovery support during import (forced log rewind, read-only import)
  • Snapshot-level diff (like regular diff but working on file systems)
  • zpool split (split a RAID-1 / mirrored set of drives into separate / independant zpools)

As always, testers are welcome!

ETA for backporting to 8-STABLE is set at one month, but testing patches are available.

A big thanks to pjd@, mm@, avg@, kib@ and all others involved in this excellent subproject!

ZFS actually has a fine future. Oracle's version of ZFS is currently somewhere in the early 30-ies, including encryption support. With the death of OpenSolaris, other ways are being looked into to get the support into the open version of ZFS - at the very worst, a compatible reimplementation is likely.

Personally, I have been testing ZFS in various environments since it has appeared in FreeBSD. It went through a long period of initial instability (not only because of ZFS itself but also because of slight and not so slight differences between FreeBSD and Solaris) but the latest version shipped in STABLE (8.2, ZFS v15) finally looks really stable. I have been running 8-STABLE before it became 8.2 on some very tricky workloads (producing regular panics with earlier versions) and I'm very happy to say everything works fine now!

If v28 turns out not do destabilize ZFS in any significant way, it really will the best thing since RAID was invented :)


#1 Re: ZFS v28 in FreeBSD 9-CURRENT!

Added on 2011-02-28T05:46 by bsdr

for sure this is excellent news. Thanks and congrats to all involved. If there ends up being a ZFS and a SuncOracle ZFS that'd be too bad but there was always a UFS (from ancient BSD and SunOS) and a sort of "basic" cross-UNIX UFS ... sort of like a "spec" and some implementations.

My guess is that FreeBSD and Illumos and other solaris descendants can keep ZFS in "enterprise ready" conditiion ;-) Add in OS/X fuse-linux and other BSDs and that's enough attntion resources to keep ZFS moving forward and in demand.

BUT WE STILL NEED REALLY SOLID SU+J for UFS!!! :) Hope that shapes up a bit more soon too.

#2 Re: ZFS v28 in FreeBSD 9-CURRENT!

Added on 2011-02-28T20:02 by Marcus

Awesome! Thanks for all the great work.

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