Another reason against "clouds"

Why not set your data into a big company's cloud? Also because of this: Amazon kicks out WikiLeaks under government pressure. Since any dubious "damage" has already been done, this is simply a bad gesture.

Did I mention I'd like distributed p2p HTTP? :)

#1 Re: Another reason against "clouds"

Added on 2010-12-02T14:34 by Anonymous Coward

Yeah, net fragmentation is such a great idea! Maybe those freedom loving folks at Adobe, Microsoft, or Oracle will decide to force their private networking ideas down everyones throat so nothing will be discoverable unless you use their product.

P.S. This has nothing to do with cloud computing, it could have been the self-serving attention whores' upstream provider if the content was being served out of your mother's basement.

#2 Re: Another reason against "clouds"

Added on 2010-12-02T15:02 by Ivan Voras

You are right it isn't specifically tied up with cloud computing, but Amazon itself kind of is. The content could be blocked by any upstream provider if it were served behind any single provider - hence the need for quality p2p services.

As for net fragmentation: I admit I'm more of a pessimist in that area and think it's just a matter of time *if* we as a whole allow such big corporations to exist and become even bigger. I'm sort of a Google fan but I also think they have become too big and should be split up (as well as the rest of the big ones).

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