Two ZFS performance patches' calls for testers

Martin Matuska has issued two calls for testers with patches that improve various aspects of  ZFS performance.

The patches are basically ports of OpenSolaris' code and should improve write performance and stat() syscall performance. The patches are available for testing on 9-CURRENT and 8-STABLE.

Interesting information for the first patch:

The source states, that with this change they archieved a speedup
of: "50% Improved OLTP Performance, 70% Reduced Variability, 200%
Improvement on MS Exchange"

and for the second:

- better ACL caching and speedup of the ACL permission checks
- lowered mutex contention in the read/writer lock (rrwlock)
- several bugfixes

Interested users are invited to test them so they can be imported as soon as possible!

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