Help test ZFS v15

The most recently ported ZFS version in HEAD and 8-stable (which includes 8.1) is 14, and now a call for testers was issued for v15. This new version brings in user and group quotas and there is a hint toward importing the latest ZFS version.

A good thing about this patch / CFT is that ready-made minimal ISO images are provided for potential testers, which can be used to install new systems on real or virtual machines. Very convenient!

On the other hand, ZFS has gone through nearly 25 revisions in 5 years of development. There's nothing wrong with it but it indicates it's under active development and constant change - caveat emptor.

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Added on 2010-06-23T14:47 by Adam Stylinski

Yes but every implementation evolves the filesystem even further.  There have yet to be fatal flaws in any of the updates that Sun has put out.  The only thing to really worry about looks like ABI breakage between kernel modules and userland every iteration (I too was bit by the 7.2-8.0 upgrade).  

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Added on 2010-06-25T12:32 by Chris

Hi I will test but seems the patch is only against 9-current?

please post a link to 8-stable patch code and I will have it tested within 1-2 weeks.  I have servers using 8-stable but I am not willing to deploy 9-current.


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Added on 2010-06-28T14:01 by Ivan Voras

Pre-built ISO images with the patch based on 8.1-RC are provided.

In other news, now it's about ZFS v16+:

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Added on 2010-07-03T04:46 by Chris

Hi again, the problem is on existing freebsd 8 system iso image is no use? only useful on new installation.

on freebsd 8.1 RC2 I just installed it is still only zfsv14 :(

The server I wish to test on has an existing freebsd which I cannot reinstall but am willing to patch the existing installation.  So if you can release a patch for 8.1-RC2 :) I will cvsup to it and patch, thanks.

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