UFS journalling committed

Jeff Roberson has committed soft-updates journalling to 9-CURRENT! It enables a small file system journal which works in combination with soft-updates to eliminate boot fsck's. It is different from most other implementations of file system journalling in that it doesn't journal raw blocks but sort of meta-data about meta-data (hyper-data?).

You can find more about SUJ in an earlier post.

#1 Re: UFS journalling committed

Added on 2010-04-23T23:31 by Bruce Cran

It hasn't been committed quite yet!

#2 Re: UFS journalling committed

Added on 2010-04-23T23:43 by Ivan Voras

Ahh correct, I saw the announcement and I was looking at the commit messages and I managed to oversee the "projects/suj" prefix. Sorry for jumping the gun on it.

But it will get there eventually :)

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